A lesson in how protective Tom Hardy is of his children

Tom Hardy is a man of mystery. Well, sort of. But while he is keen to keen his private life just that, you better bet when it comes to his children, he keeps that on lock down, as he explained to Esquire UK recently.

The 40-year-old action man has 10-year-old son with ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed and a two-year-old with his actress wife Charlotte Riley – and it’s been reported Charlotte is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

While the Venom star – who just finished filming the comic’s big screen incarnation – admitted he is fine with people snapping pictures of him and his wife, when it comes to his kids cameras are a no go zone.

Also speaking to the US version of the magazine he said: ‘If someone takes a photo of my kids, all bets are off. I will take the camera off you and beat the fucking shit out of you.’

He added back home on UK soil: ‘It’s like spotting a giraffe walking down the street. I get it. I can see people’s behaviour, I can see when a camera’s coming, I can see when a phone is moving, I can see people’s body language. There is no difference between that and a weapon.The hyper-vigilance. It’s just odd. But [pictures of my] kids are a fucking no. They really are. And that’s what really bothers me, and it will fast-track me immediately to respond like any father in any situation, regardless of where they come from and what they’ve been through.’

Noted. Hopefully you’ve noted it down, too.

Giving Beyonce a run for her Vogue money (maybe) the star, who has also just wrapped work on gangster film Fonzo, in one shot the actor gets about in a fly AF woolly, tartan coat, while in another he rolls about in a top-down car.

All in a day.

The movie man also revealed a lot about the struggles he’s faced, including the realisation he had to address an addiction to alcohol that began at age 13 – that’s seen him sober since 2003.