Are you Tom Hardy?
No, I am just a fan showing support for his work.

Are you affiliated with Tom or his representatives?
No, this website is not officially affiliated with Tom or his representatives.

Is this an official site?
No, this is an unofficial fan site.

Do you know Tom or have you ever met him?
No, I do not know Tom and have never met him.

Can you please send me real signed photograph or poster?
No. I do not have any access to this material.

Do you have his contact information?
You can try contacting Tom through his agent but I’ve never heard of any one receiving a response. Details here:

How can I contribute to your site?
Please email any image, fan art, video, etc. submissions to and I will incorporate them into the site (with proper credit, of course). All submissions are welcome and very much appreciated.

How can I contact you?
Please use the contact form located here or email me directly at