Back in 2003 there was a Tom Hardy fansite named Tom Hardy Realm. The Webmaster there sent Tom a list of 10 questions for him to answer. Here is the update she posted along with Tom’s answers:

In an attempt to add a little T spark to the website I sent a letter to the one and only asking him to answer a few questions.  He was very gracious enough to oblige.  I’ll repeat that. He was very gracious enough to oblige.  I know, I know I’m still having a hard time believing it myself.  I asked only ten questions.  Hey he’s busy guy – places to go people to see, doodles draw for artsy-fartsy fans, PS2 games to play, and so on. Yeah, yeah so anyway…over to the side I have provided the questions I asked, all of which I felt were fun and easy to answer.  He answered and GOD BLESS HIM he has great sense of humor!  You know me its all about humor. I certainly can’t thank him enough, and hopefully he’ll be up to answer the next set of questions I send him tomorrow.  Just kidding T.  Below you will find the link to his answers.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to read them.  I could have transcribed his responses but it just wouldn’t have had the same effect.  And besides I’m not so sure I can read all of his handwriting.

Thanks Tom!!!!!!!!!

She also posted a pdf of Tom’s handwritten answers which you can view here: qa_answers.pdf

Which are you more likely to do surf the net or read a book?
Read a book or surf the net, Playstation 2 babe

A must see movie? ( and don’t try to be slick and answer Star Trek: Nemesis)
La Haine or Silence of the Lambs. Man Bites Dog

All time favorite film character?
Hannibal Lecter

5 words that describe you. ( you have full reign to be fun and creative with this answer)
Oh, god, help, me, please. Or – Manic, Loyal, Angry, Goldfish, Maverick.

If you had to pick, which Next Generation crew member would you portray?  Picard, Data, Worf, Riker or Geordi? And why?
None of them, maybe Geordi so I wouldnt body pop everytime the enterprise takes a hit. But really none of them. I don’t know.

If you were stranded on an island with Shinzon what would be the first precautionary measure you would take?
Travel insurance, an ice pick, sun block, a shotgun – he’s ok with me though we know each other.

What is in your CD player?
Lots of rap music, jazz, blues, frank sinatra, classical, requiem, opera, chewing gum, some biscuit crumbs and a paper clip.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee in the morning when i’m working. French double expresso after meals, and tea, well I’m British but not Lipton Yellow Label, that sux ass.

Cats or dogs?
DOGS!! Even thought I’ve got 2 cats; Socks and Boris. But my dog “Max Or Moose” (Maximus) is my little man. He’s a black & white staff/lab cross, 8 years old and sings Frankie songs and howls at the moon, he’s Human.

It’s Saturday morning you are:

A. Asleep
B. Watching cartoons
C. Reading the newspaper
D. Yelling at the neighbor for mowing his grass too early
Asleep or D