Acceptance Speeches

Evening Standard Drama Awards 2003

Evening Standard Drama Awards 2003

Thank you ermm god im really nervous ermmm … first of all I’d like to thank the Hampstead Theatre and Jenny Topper for putting Robert Delamere and myself err Stephen Adly Guirgis in a room together, and for trusting me errr of course I’d like to thank my mum and dad, my girlfriend, all my friends and family, my support unit, my dog max ooh probably grumpy if I forget him. I’d also like to thank Lindy King. And erm who else ah the Evening Standard and everyone who voted, wonderful, thank you very much!


Rising Star Award 2011

The Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award 2011

Thank you very much. This is very kind of you and much appreciated. I genuinely am grateful just to be working at all. I’d like to thank everyone who voted, everyone who loves a good story and every artist in the house tonight for the work they do.