Tagline: It’s SPY against SPY
Director: McG
Writers: Timothy Dowling (screenplay), Simon Kinberg (screenplay)
Release Date: (UK)
MPAA Rating: Rated R for some sexual content (original rating)
Genre: Comedy | Action | Romance
Runtime:  97 min


Two CIA agents, Tuck and Frank who are also best friends, have been benched because someone’s after them. Tuck is divorced with a son whom he’s not close to and Frank is a ladies man. Tuck decides to try and find someone so he places his profile on a dating website. Lauren, a woman also looking for a guy sees tuck’s profile and goes with him. She later bumps into Frank and he hits on her and she goes out with him. she’s intrigued by both of them. When they learn that they’re dating the same girl, they agree to let her choose. But both can’t help but use their skills to keep tabs on her and each other. And also sabotage each others dates with her.

Cast Highlights

Reese Witherspoon … Lauren
Chris Pine … FDR Foster
Til Schweiger … BHeinrich
Chelsea Handler … Trish

Gallery Highlights

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  • Bradley Cooper was cast but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.
  • James Franco was offered a role, but declined.
  • Sam Worthington, Colin Farrell, Justin Timberlake and Seth Rogen were considered for the lead roles, but eventually Chris Pine and Tom Hardy were cast.
  • Chris Pine and Tom Hardy have both appeared in the Star Trek films. Hardy played Preator Shinzon (actually a clone of Cpt. Picard) in Star Trek: Nemesis, while Pine played Cpt. Kirk in Star Trek.
  • When the film was submitted to the Motion Picture Association of America, the film was given an “R” rating due to some racy dialogue spoken by Chelsea Handler’s character. It was later edited and given a “PG-13” rating.
  • Chris Pine’s character talks about watching a CHiPs marathon on TV. In real life his father, Robert Pine, starred on CHiPs.
  • Was originally rated R by the MPAA for “some sexual content” but was later edited down to a PG-13 rating for “sexual content including references, some violence and action, and for language” for the theatrical release.
  • In the beginning of the movie, when Chris Pine’s character was going undercover with Tom Hardy’s character, he mentioned to a woman that he was a Captain of a ship. This is a reference to Pine starring in Star Trek as Captain Kirk.
  • Most of Chelsea Handler’s lines were ad-libbed, including the mention of Cheetos and Mike and Ike.
  • Trish calls Lauren from a children’s play center, which is a real place called “Crash Crawly’s”. It is located near a freeway which can be seen through the windows.
  • Lauren and Tuck first meet at The Blarney Stone, a real pub located in Downtown Vancouver. It is known to be one of the busiest gastropubs in town.
  • Though both main character’s real names are never mentioned, it’s hinted that FDR’s real name is Franklin Foster while Tuck’s can be seen as his screen name on the dating site, John Harrison.