Tagline: A micro budget feature film road trip through contemporary Scotland
Director: Charles Henri Belleville
Writer: Tim Barrow
Release Date: 7 October 2007
MPAA Rating: 15
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 62 min


A man makes a phone call to his dying father. Two brothers meet at their father’s funeral. DAVID has come up from London. FRASER lives in the village in Scotland he grew up in. On a journey to discover their father’s inheritance, which they are told in his will is located somewhere on the Isle of Skye, they set off in their father’s old VW van and head north. This brings arguments, comedy, conflict and bitter memories as they are forced to confront their past and each other. When they pick up a hitchhiker TARA, she fascinates them both, and brings them to breaking point. She leaves them, taking the van, and DAVID heads off through the land of Skye to find their destination. What they discover there drives them to a point of no return.

Cast Highlights

Fraser Sivewright … Fraser
Tim Barrow … David
Imogen Toner … Tara