Tagline: Love on the Heath.
Director: Ed Blum
Writer: Aschlin Ditta
Release Date: 3 November 2006
MPAA Rating: Rated R for language and sexual content
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Runtime: 91 min


Various Londeners meet people in Hampstead Heath park. Financial adviser Billy, a successful casual sex seeker, discusses the pros, contras and how of his child-wish. Cheeky Noel innocent pick-up lines lead only to cruelty from girls, once even abandoned jeans on ankles. Gerry’s promising blind date picnic ends as abruptly when his business partner turns up, who just agreed a Barbados holiday with his steady girl. Eddie discovers trough a date mix-up that Iris, his ripe age, who come to the same park weekly too but a day earlier, was his prospective mate until they each met their now late partners decades ago. Pete comes settle the end of a marriage that shouldn’t have happened except for his daughter.

Cast Highlights

Ewan McGregor … Billy
Andrew Lincoln … Jamie
Hugh Bonneville … Gerry
Sophie Okonedo … Anna