Taboo Season 2 Finally Has A Planned Filming Start Date

The long-awaited second season of Tom Hardy’s Victorian show Taboo is expected to begin shooting towards the end of next year, as per its lead writer.

Tom Hardy’s gothic Victorian TV show Taboo has finally been given a date for when it might start shooting its long-awaited season 2. Originally airing on FX in 2017, Taboo is about James Delaney, a mystical and enigmatic figure played by Hardy who returns to London after a long stay in Africa following the death of his father. Also starring Oona Chaplin, Jessie Buckley, and Jonathan Pryce, Taboo ran for 8 episodes and picked up generally favourable reviews. Showrunner Steven Knight, with whom Hardy had previously worked on Peaky Blinders, has stated that he intends Taboo to continue for two more seasons, one of which had already been confirmed back in 2017.

Now it looks as if the wait is almost over and fans of the show can get excited again, as Knight explains that they have a date when they expect to start filming on season 2. Speaking at a convention in Birmingham (via Broadcast), Knight outlines that they expect to start shooting “towards the end of next year.” Apparently the main reason behind the delay has been scheduling, although Knight describes both himself and Hardy as “keen to continue.” You can read the full quote below:

“I imagine that it will start production towards the end of next year…

“[Tom and I] are both keen to continue and there are lots of people who want us to continue in that direction. It’s been a question of schedules and deciding where it goes next.”

With the announcement of Taboo season 2 and Sony’s upcoming Venom 3, it’s no surprise that Hardy is having a hard time scheduling his projects. The actor is a perennial favourite, and despite the lukewarm critical reception of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, he certainly remains a draw for audiences as both Venom films have surpassed expectations at the box office. Luckily, Hardy will has a slew of exciting projects on the way, and that includes a return to the world of Taboo.